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Spring Into Confidence Workshop #3: Create A Success For Yourself

Hey, Kelly here! Welcome to Spring Into Confidence Workshop #3!

If you haven’t gone through Workshop #1 or Workshop #2 yet, do that now and I’ll meet you back here when you’re done.

Okay, so you’ve done Workshop #1 where you rated your self-esteem based on my formula.

And in Workshop #2, you determined some things you want to have in your life that may be missing one of the three piece that are necessary to create what you want.

Let’s do some experiments to raise your self-confidence.

Oh! And I have good news for you! You know there are three elements to self-esteem, but you only have to build ONE element! The other two will grow stronger right along with it.

That one element is… SELF-CONFIDENCE. Your self-respect and self-image will improve automatically as you grow your self-confidence.

Before we get into your experiment to boost your confidence, realize that your self-confidence has nothing to do with other people.

I know you might feel more confident temporarily when someone compliments you, but that needs to be seen as a bonus.

You need to be able to feel confident regardless of what other people say or do. Otherwise, you are basing your feelings about yourself on other people’s thoughts and feelings about you and that gives your power away by making other more important than you.

I know your loved ones are important to you but if you don’t take care of yourself first and foremost, you can’t be at your best for them.

In other workshops, we’ll talk about your underlying feelings and how those affect your life, health, and happiness. For now, I just want you to be able to do something physical that you can get tangible results from.


Let’s start with a simple experiment to get you back on track when you’re feeling weak in the confidence department.

Choose something you do well, whether it’s cooking, working out, taking your dog for a walk (without being on your phone – your dog deserves your full attention), or doing a household activity like cleaning or straightening up.

When you feel like you are feeling down. Create a success for yourself that doesn’t have to do with another human. You need to succeed ON YOUR OWN.

Just the other day I wasn’t feeling like I was getting accomplished what I wanted and started to feel down. I immediately went to the gym and after a head-clearing, inspiring workout, I had a success under my belt! I got my workout in even though it was supposed to be later. It gave me the boost I needed, feeling strong and confident. You just need a quick fix and here’s why.

Self-confidence is all about how you FEEL about yourself. Whatever you can do to feel good about yourself is beneficial. If your gut feeling says it’s a good thing to do, do it!

Have fun with this and notice how much better you feel.


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