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Programs To Create A Life You Love
& A Future You're Excited About!

You already have inner power... I'll show you how to unlock it and use it to create what you want...

My programs are fun.
You will laugh a lot and feel good about yourself as we work as a team to re-design your life.

My programs are empowering.
No need to focus on or re-live any of your negative past - we focus on solutions to get you where you want to be.

My programs are confidence-building.
You will have certainty in knowing how to create what you want because you will be doing it yourself, with my guidance.

My programs are mind-expanding.
You will be amazed at how quickly and positively your new life unfolds with the use of your new skills.

I've already created a life I love and a future I'm excited about!
That makes me uniquely qualified to show YOU how to do the same using a collection of tools and techniques I've refined over three decades.

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 My Programs Are For You If:

You are DONE with personal growth books, programs, or coaches that leave you still feeling stuck, stressed and unfulfilled, and you are READY to tap into your INNER POWER to get REAL results so you feel empowered, confident, and free!

You KNOW your life, weight, emotions, and/or relationships are out of control and you are READY to delete the baggage, get back on track, feel good about yourself and excited about your future.

You WANT a better life NOW, instead of waiting six months or a year for results, and you are READY for guidance on how to get it, love it, and live it, feeling healthy, whole and happy!

PLEASE NOTE: FULL details of my programs are shared after a Clarity Call with me and after we determine we are a good fit to work together. ~ Kelly

Inner Power Breakthrough 30-Day Experience

You may be ready to fast-track your success to start ROCKING your life immediately!

This program includes a VIP Breakthrough Day + 30-days of extensive support to ensure your success.

In one day, I went from feeling lost - like I was treading water in a dark ocean, not knowing which way land was - to feeling confident, powerful, and successful. ~ Laura V., Chicago


Three-Month Programs

You may prefer to supercharge your focus on one specific area of your life, and watch other areas transform simultaneously.

I love having a customized game plan and targeted focus with accountability to keep me energized and on track to achieve my intentions in three-month bursts! Without my sessions with Kelly I wouldn’t have accomplished even 20% of what we’ve done together. ~ Amanda A., Texas


Six-Month Programs

You may choose to gently ease in to your new, empowered life over time...

When I contacted Kelly, I was depressed. I hated my job. My marriage wasn’t doing well and I didn’t like spending time with my 2 small children. I felt hopeless and scared. With Kelly’s guidance, I learned how to turn everything around and that first week my life began to change. ~ Jannina G., Virginia


Whichever program is best for you...

You will benefit from my 33+ years of extensive training, powerfully focused experience,
and wisdom from my continuous personal growth and that of my clients.

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PLEASE NOTE: FULL details of my programs are shared after a Clarity Call with me and after we determine we are a good fit to work together. ~ Kelly

It's time to become the woman you're meant to be,
Clear, Confident, Happy, & Free!

Kelly Rudolph, Positive Women Rock

I'm Kelly Rudolph, Your Certified:

Life Coach,
and NLP Practitioner


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You Rock!

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