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Spring Into Confidence Workshop #1: The Self-Esteem Formula

Read and/or Listen then complete the assessment below.

Your self-esteem plays a part in everything you do, the woman you are, and everything you have in your life. It has to do with how your physical body looks and feels, whether or not you get that promotion at work, AND if you even have the job or business you want to have.

It affects the people and situations in your life from your relationship with family and your significant other (or lack thereof) all the way down to the brief connection you have with the checker at the grocery store.

Your self-esteem dictates how you feel during your day and if you are happy or angry, or feel loved or betrayed. It affects your connection with neighbors, friends, and the words that come out of your mouth! It affects the way you drive, dress, and apply your make up. Self-esteem has to do with every part of you and your life.

No one but you can raise your self-esteem and you cannot raise anyone else’s self-esteem. It’s an inside job.

So, raising it up to a high level is vital to creating the life you want.

This is why we’re starting here, with self-esteem first. I know for a fact that when we understand something, it takes pressure off of us that we may not have even been aware existed. And that frees us up to really take charge of our life.

You and I have heard this term a million times and yet most people can’t explain what it is. In fact, when I began teaching and writing about self-esteem, years ago, I found definitions that were too vague to understand, or too small to encompass the magnitude of something that affects us every second of our lives.

So, because my brain likes simple, easily understandable information, I created my own formula for self-esteem based on my 30+ years of research and experience at the time.  

My formula has three elements:

  1. Self-Confidence

  2. Self-Respect

  3. Self-Image.

We’ll go into each one in more depth and I’ll give you some basic examples that you can customize for yourself.

Self-Confidence is HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF. For example, do you feel happy about yourself? Do you love yourself, and feel worthy of the best life has to offer? Or do you feel disappointed in who you are right now, and you’re ready to make some changes? Self-confidence is all about feelings.

The second element is Self-Respect, which is WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF. Do you think you are a nice person and have a great personality? Or do you think you are stupid or not very professional at work. Self-respect is all about conscious thought.

If thoughts vs. emotions seems tricky at first, that’s normal. It gets easier. And it’s VERY important to understand the difference so you can create the life you want because you deserve fulfilling relationships, deeply connected friendships, meaningful work, and a healthy body you’re happy with.

The third element, Self-Image is how you see yourself. In addition to seeing your reflection in the mirror, it’s how you envision the role you play in your family, at work, with your friends, in your community, and in the world, as a whole. Self-image is all about how you envision yourself.

So, the 3 elements of self-esteem are self-confidence, self-respect, and self-image – how you feel about yourself, what you think of yourself, and how you envision yourself.

Rate Your Self-Esteem

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest/best/most awesome:

  1. Self-Confidence (how you FEEL about yourself): 
  2. Self-Respect (what you THINK of yourself):
  3. Self-Image (how you SEE yourself):

You will see your numbers go up as we work together, so stick with me and I’ll see you in the next workshop where we will expand on what you just did. Shoot me a message if you have any questions.

Hey, Positive Woman! If you have friends you’d like to share this with, please send them here https://positivewomenrock.com/confidence-survey so they can take the survey and be invited to free calls and receive updates. Thanks!


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