I help women 40+ have a healthy, happy, successful life with clarity, confidence and sleep-filled nights.

Kelly Rudolph, Positive Women Rock

If you want more out of life and have no time to waste on things that don't work, you're in the right place!

YOU are on this planet to feel good about yourself, enthusiastic about your life and make a difference.

So, if you...

  1. Wake up with dread, chronic pain or lacking purpose and fake normal so people won't treat you like you're broken,
  2. Are successful but feel like you've lost your passion or have hit a wall, ceiling or block that keeps you stuck,
  3. Want to stop the constant fear of the past becoming your future because you feel not good enough, not smart enough or damaged,
  4. Are tired of doctor or therapy appointments filling your calendar and medications that numb you to life,
  5. Feel unworthy or have put yourself on the back burner for so long you don't know who you are anymore,
  6. Have no time to waste on coaches, courses and programs that don't work. 

I appreciate you honoring yourself by being here. You ROCK!

When you seek help, you deserve fast, tangible life changing results... and that is my specialty.

Here at Positive Women Rock, you'll Step Up, Step Forward, & Step Into Your Power!

And I'll walk you step by step.

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Step Up

Dare to dream of your clear, confident, and empowered life. See results women achieve by stepping into their power with Kelly Rudolph.
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Step Forward

FREE "Life Strategies For A Truly Happy Life" 1-page Jump-Start + Life Strategies to boost your clarity and confidence as you become the woman you're meant to be.
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Step Into Your Power

FREE Training every woman needs because Your Life Is Waiting!
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Client Teri Inner Power Breakthrough with Kelly Rudolph

The lifeline that Kelly offered saved me from drowning. She showed me how to empower myself and walked me through releasing the prison of emotions that kept me trapped.

Her techniques were different from any other counseling I’ve ever had and the results are immediate and permanent. The results are so astounding, it’s hard to put into words. I have gone from unable to function during a normal day (PTSD + 3 traumatic brain injuries) to feeling clear and confident and capable of handling any situation. - MSG Teri O., Orlando, Florida

With extensive training, powerful experience, and consistently high results in working with energy and the subconscious mind since 1984, I am honored to walk you step-by-step to take charge of your life, success, and happiness, and reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm!

Kelly Rudolph

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Lisa SteadmanNot only did I lose my mom – I lost my mojo. My passion. My purpose. And I began disconnecting from my marriage. Grief nearly took me out.

My experiences working with Kelly through her Inner Power Breakthrough process transformed me from the inside-out. My grief subsided. My energy returned. My passion and purpose amplified. And the beautiful clients, opportunities, and happiness I’d been feeling were somehow out of reach during my grief showed up in spades. - Lisa Steadman, Writer, Producer, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

Emily, Inner Power Breakthrough Client, Positive Women Rock“The knee pain I’d had for TWO years disappeared after a few minutes of energy work with Kelly in January of 2017! Locating the emotional cause of the pain and releasing it was simple, quick, and life-changing.” – Emily R., New York, NY

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