Self-Esteem & Creating Your Dreams – Workshop #2

Spring Into Confidence Workshops with Kelly Rudolph

In a previous module, we discussed the 3 elements of self-esteem and you rated yourself on each one to get a starting point.

  1. Self-Confidence (how you FEEL about yourself) 
  2. Self-Respect (what you THINK about yourself)
  3. Self-Image (how you SEE yourself)

Now, we use those same 3 elements TOGETHER to create what you want in your life. Each one is VITAL to creation. If any one element is missing, you will create something other than what you truly want. And that creates emotions like:

  1. Doubt that you’ll ever have what you want or that life is unfair
  2. Not good enough and that you don’t deserve to have what you want (you DO)
  3. Frustration that you always end up in the same place again or worse, that you are going backwards and further away from what you want
  4. Depression from still feeling “stuck” 
  5. Anger that you can’t make it work or that good things seem to only be for other people
  6. Fear that you will never get what you really want or have the life you truly desire
  7. Sadness that you just have to live the life you have whether you like it or not

How would you feel if you could alleviate those emotions?

How much better would your life be instantly if you knew what the missing piece to your confidence and happiness creation puzzle?

Your Assignment:

  1. Think of something you want that you are struggling with getting. It can be anything you want to be, do, or have – we’ll use “have” in this example.
  2. Determine where the disconnect is:
    • Do you FEEL you can have it and BELIEVE you can get it but are unable to SEE yourself with it?
    • Do you THINK you can get it but don’t FEEL it and can’t SEE yourself already having it?
    • Do you SEE yourself having it and FEEL the feelings of already having it as if it’s real but you don’t truly THINK you are capable of getting it because common sense tells you otherwise?

Now you can see which element needs to be added and you may be able to pop it in there and create what you want. 

The truth is, we all have what I call “Emotional Junkballs.” They are past emotions that come from generations before us that are passed down to us before we are even born and these keep us from clearing out the junk that keeps us stuck and stressed. So if you find that your emotions are always on edge or that you are on an emotional roller coaster frequently, realize a vast majority of those emotions may not even belong to you! To see how it feels to release those emotions and live in your power – YOUR power – read my client Success Stories here at

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