Kelly’s 15-Minute Workout

Slim, Fit And Healthy In 15 Minutes Per Day, NO Sweat!

Since 2000, when I learned to harness the power of oxygen from a video I bought from an infomercial, I have been healthy, fit and full of energy every day.

I used the same 15 minute workout video series every single day from Fall 2000 to Fall 2002 - 728 consecutive days (minus 2 days filming with John Walsh in New York). I lost 18 lbs and 23 inches in the first 6 weeks. PMS symptoms and stress were drastically reduced.

Gym vs. No Sweat 15 Minute Workout

I love the gym, and have been a "gym rat" for 30 years so I used the 15-minute workout occasionally, and went to the gym every day until I added back in to my daily regimen on July 1, 2009 in preparation of a photo shoot three weeks later. I knew it was the best and quickest way I'd found to sculpt my body.

My waist decreased by 4 inches in the first two weeks, my hips decreased 2 inches and each thigh 1.5 inches. I felt great for my photo shoot and was very happy with the way I looked.

After the shoot, I continued my workout and by December 2009 had lost 10 lbs, and several more inches. On March 31, 2010, I happily let my gym membership go to focus on the workout that has always been most beneficial for me. This workout has been a part of my life EVERY day since December of 2009. Even during the occasional cold or flu or sprained muscle, I was still able to do it.

Oxycise Kelly

Oxycise burns 140% more calories than riding a stationary bicycle. ~ findings by Dr. Girandola during USC Oxycise study in 1996 (source: Oxycise book) Click the pick to order or just check it out further.

Strong abs are essential for effective self-defense.

Formerly, "Your Personal Safety Trainer," I find that many men and women lack the abdominal muscles necessary for effective self-defense. Attacks usually go to the ground and you must be able to tuck your knees up to keep them between you and the attacker. Oxycise gives you that vital strength!

I look forward to my Oxycise workout every day; sometimes I do it first thing in the morning, sometimes at lunch and sometimes just before bedtime. It's quick, fun and beneficial! It doesn't make me sweat much and during the winter, just 3 Oxycise breaths warm up my whole body instantly - so it saves on the electric bill! Ha! (I'm serious.)

How To Order:

The Oxycise 15-Minute Workout << Click that (affiliate link, same price but I get a % for recommending it to you)
I suggest you order the “TV Special – Standard Series.” It’s a great deal and has everything you need. 

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