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Your clients WANT to succeed in your programs.

  • Your clients WANT to feel confident in their business, relationship, and life. 
  • Your clients WANT to follow your instructions, suggestions, and advice - that's why they hired you!
  • Your clients WANT to feel confident, happy with their accomplishments, successful and loved.
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Even with YOUR experience, expertise, and guidance, it can literally BE impossible for your clients to succeed. 

It's not your fault. It's not their fault either.

The self-sabotaging emotional baggage of fear, self-doubt, rejection, and not good enough (just to name a few), can drop us to our knees when we are aiming for the stars! Even with the right coach, the right system, and the right actions...

And you know what? MOST of the emotional baggage that drags us down isn't even ours! It's been passed down through generations and has snowballed, growing bigger and stronger with each time we feel the same emotion.

Talking doesn't solve the problem. Inner child work doesn't solve the problem. Medication doesn't solve the problem...

It's no wonder people today are feeling overwhelmed, uninspired, depressed, and even suicidal. But there IS a solution. I solve these issues with clients every day.

I can help YOU be more successful by helping YOUR clients release what keeps them stuck, stressed, and struggling. And we do it from deep within the subconscious mind, quickly, painlessly, over the phone.

Then YOU can take them where they want to go. They can be more successful in your programs when they have a fresh start with a clear head and an open heart.

When they succeed in your program, they will happily refer new client prospects to you.

I'm Kelly Rudolph, and here's how I can help...

I work quickly, and over the phone guiding women (and some men) to release emotional baggage from ancestors and past lives (if they believe in them).

  • No need to make problems bigger by talking about them.
  • No need to be re-traumatized by re-living painful memories.

With over 33 years of extensive research, powerful experience, and consistently high results working with energy and the subconscious mind, my clients get tangible results they can hang on the wall!

And YOU get a referral commission for referring them! 

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Kelly Rudolph, Positive Women Rock
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