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It’s Time To Become The Woman You’re Meant To Be


“From Life-Clutter to Life-Clarity”

This is a 6-month private coaching program for the woman who is ready to clear her heart and mind of what keeps her stuck. She’s ready to fill that space with self-confidence and empowering work and relationships that feed her soul. Is this YOU?


“Clutter” is more than that stack of papers or messy closet to sort through…


  • Life-Clutter includes disempowering relatives, disappointing relationships, draining work, and dampened dreams.
  • It’s trying to please everyone else and losing yourself instead.
  • It’s playing small to keep the peace so as not to threaten others by your success and end up alone.
  • It’s an underlying fear of being seen for who you truly are… with all your flaws and insecurities.


But here are two things I know for sure…

  1. Those same flaws and insecurities that frighten you are perfect imperfections that make you exactly who you are supposed to be right now…
  2. You are a woman with enough untapped inner power to change the world …beginning with your own life.


I know because I’ve done it myself...


My Story Of Clutter To Clarity

Decisions I made with low self-esteem growing up led me into dangerous situations that destroy lives every day. I felt scared, lost, confused and unworthy every single day.

I transformed years of rape and domestic violence in my 20’s into empowerment and created a personal safety and self-defense company and helped men, women, teens and kids to be safe for 12 years. I finally felt valuable, healthy, grateful, on-purpose, happy and worthy.

John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted joined forces with me on national TV, inspiring me to write and publish 5 books and a DVD to help people all over the world to be safe.

And now, I step up, step forward and step into my power every day helping women just like you create lives that make a difference with soul-filling deep connections, peace and purpose.


Life-Clutter is a slippery slope and shows up in many ways including:

  • Anxiety, overwhelm and panic attacks that keep you stuck and scared
  • Emotional pain and physical illness that puts limits on your life
  • An unfit body you dislike that inhibits your passion and happiness
  • Unhealthy habits or addictions that prevent your success
  • Failed relationships and heartache that keeps you playing small
  • Lack of confidence or healthy boundaries that undermine your safety
  • Feeling disconnected or depressed blurring your bright future
  • Money worries or loss of financial security that send you into a tailspin of fear


Two more things I know for sure…

  1. When one area of your life is cluttered, it disrupts the others and sets you up for failure, heartache and pain.
  2. Every woman DESERVES to feel happy, free, confident and safe …every single day, regardless of her past.


It’s Time To De-Clutter Your Life

…and that’s where I come in


I’ll walk you step-by-step through my customized proven system where you will learn how to:

  • Magnetize empowering people to your life so you always feel supported
  • Enforce healthy boundaries that align with what is most important to you
  • Quickly determine where you are stuck and how to move forward
  • Stop procrastinating and get it done …with enthusiasm!
  • See the lesson in every situation to accelerate your personal growth
  • ROCK your new-found me-time to dramatically improve your mental, emotional and physical health
  • Easily identify people and situations that are a good fit for your life and confidently let the others go
  • Ignite your passion, purpose and peace of mind with instant de-cluttering perspective shifts


Your program includes:

  • Kick-off “Clutter To Clarity” session where together, we custom design a solid foundation and guidance system to ensure your life fills up with what nourishes your highest values in the next 6 months.
  • Two 50-minute private “Clutter-Clearing” coaching sessions per month (phone or internet) to gently and powerfully transform your life over time.
  • “Fast-Track Your Success!” fun, empowering implementation assignments to see tangible results.
  • “I’ve Got Your Back” email access between sessions for inspiration and support.
  • Two 15-minute “Clarity Now!” SOS calls per month for support and peace of mind in those “Yikes!” moments.


Bonus #1: 45-minute Personality Power training video and implementation assignment and review to dramatically boost your communication skills.
(Value $175)

Bonus #2: Energetic Protection Techniques + Emotional Release Process to powerfully protect you from unnecessary stress, instantly manage emotions,
de-clutter your mind, and protect your confidence.
(Value $250)

Bonus #3: Six “Relax & Empower Guided Visualizations For Women.” My powerful guidance at your fingertips 24/7. Whether you need help to clarify, release what keeps you stuck, get inspired or relax between sessions, I’m as close as your earbuds, phone or iPod.
(Value $67)


Lori success storyAn unhealthy relationship shattered my self-worth and I felt confused and drained (emotionally and physically). At 39, I still want, and feel I deserve, a healthy relationship and family. As I interviewed life coaches and a counselor, Kelly stood out as the one who affirmed that my dream is completely attainable. During coaching, she went above and beyond with many useful strategies, helping me build my self-worth and confidence and embrace the amazing woman I am! I looked forward our calls and her perspective, insight and feedback. Now, I see my dream quickly manifesting right before my eyes and I feel very grateful and blessed.

– Lori, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, New York

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“Awaken Your Inner Power & Design Your Life”

This is a 6-month private coaching program for the woman truly ready to walk away from stuck, stressed and settling and step into clarity, courage and confidence. Her priority is creating a life she loves with ideal health, work, relationships and a future she looks forward to with security, certainty and self-love. Is this YOU?

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“Release Your Past – Design Your Future”

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