My passion is showing women how powerful they are and guiding them to create a life, love, health, work and contribution that feeds their soul and shines their light.

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I work with clients on Clarity, Connection, Confidence and Certainty

  • Clarity on where you’re stuck and momentum to move you forward
  • Connection to your inner power to ignite your energy and release what doesn’t serve you
  • Confidence to become the woman you’re meant to be and ROCK your powerful life
  • Certainty of how to create a life you enjoy and future you look forward to


Until you learn how powerful you are and how to direct your energy deliberately, your life is created by default:

  • It’s the difference between feeling stuck, angry and overwhelmed and feeling free, confident and on-purpose.
  • The difference between feeling unhealthy, fearful and uncertain and feeling strong, peaceful and alive.
  • It’s the difference between feeling lost, alone and defeated and feeling complete, connected and free.


I’m an experienced, highly trained and Certified: Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner. My powerful work with the subconscious mind (where problems reside and are solved) began in 1984 with an American Indian Shaman and continues today with top instructors and mentors. I write for the largest relationship advice website on the web and my online and offline articles have been syndicated and shared extensively by my worldwide audience.

What this means to you

Working with me puts you on the fast-track to solving your problems once and for all. Talk is surface-level and deals with the conscious mind – NOT where your problems reside.

Every problem has a root cause that needs to be released from a deeper place and there’s no need to re-live any painful or scary memories to do it.

I walk my clients step-by-step through my highly successful process of awakening and igniting their inner power that they enjoy lifetime benefits from.

My coaching clients get a customized game plan with the exact path they’ll follow from where they are now to where they want to be. It’s tangible enough to hang on their wall and keep them inspired!

My Story

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You know the tall, skinny read-head in school who is constantly teased and never picked for teams? That was me and I felt lost and alone. The school nurse told my mom I needed to wear glasses. It was a financial stretch but my parents got them but I never wore them for fear I’d be teased even more. It was a metaphor. My choice was literally not to see what was going on around me because it was painful and I didn’t know what to do about it.

In my 20’s I was successful as one of the first female paramedics in the U.S. I courageously jumped out of the first plane I ever flew in on a dare, moved to Hawaii, San Diego and Lake Tahoe by myself and outwardly was a confident, happy woman. However, decisions I made with my hidden low self-esteem led me to become a survivor of years of rape and domestic violence by age 29.

Similar situations break women daily but what it broke in me was the ceiling on my self-esteem and confidence. It taught me how to step into my power!

Using what I’d learned about my subconscious mind, I ignited my inner power and released the trauma to move forward. My passion for helping others inspired me to create SURVIVE! Self-Defense. I personally trained thousands of men, women, teens and kids over the next 12 years, appearing on local and national TV, writing and publishing 4 books and a DVD and becoming a sought-after speaker and trainer for Fortune 500 companies, organizations and schools. My classes and talks were fun, entertaining and empowering, just like my coaching style is today.

Recruited by the largest personal growth company in the world, I fell in love with coaching as a member of a professional coaching team. My worldwide clientele enjoys powerful customized strategies and game plans that guide them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Learning how to step up, step forward and step into my power has allowed me to create a life I love and prevent much of the stress and fear other women face. It is my intention to shine a light for other women who are ready to do the same.

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From buying a $2 beach poster at a yard sale that inspired me to live at the beach and moving in three weeks later to completely (and naturally) eliminating hot flashes after experiencing dozens of them day and night for six weeks. And my clients’ experiences have been just as powerful.

Get out of your rut and into your groove! You deserve to be happy, free and confident.

Schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Session with me and find out what’s possible for you!

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