If you’re a woman who feels frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed or any other negative feelings and you know there’s more to life, I can help.

Do you feel frustrated, angry, sad or depressed more often than you feel happy and enthusiastic about your life and future?

Or do you want more from life than you’re currently getting? You know, you want to play your game bigger, bolder and with more confidence.

Yes? Then you’re in the right place!

With everything going on in the world and your work, health, personal, and family life, it’s easy to see why so many of us feel overwhelmed, under-appreciated and even dismal …but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I can guide you to feeling good about yourself and your life and future, and you’ll be blown away and how quickly it can happen.

I’m Kelly Rudolph and I can show you how to raise you self-confidence, which builds your self-esteem, improves your self-image and increases your self-respect. This allows you to establish and enforce healthy boundaries, which draws empowering people and situations into your life and protects you from anything that doesn’t empower you.

Client Success Story: “I was in counseling for a year but all we did was talk about my problems. I felt worse. Working with Kelly, I learned that talking about problems rather than learning from them and releasing the emotional connection just keeps them influencing your life that much longer. After my exploratory interview, I knew I would be able to make the changes I wanted. After my first PWRful Results session, my life began to improve dramatically and I use what I’ve learned from Kelly every day. I’m much healthier and happier and my marriage is improving as a side benefit.” ~ Lila in Florida

Imagine waking up each morning excited about your life; looking forward to a future you design. On the days you wake up feeling less than thrilled, I’ll make sure you have tools to get right back to feeling better immediately.

“How?” you ask. “That sounds too good to be true.” Great question and valid point. Let me explain…

For 32+ years, I’ve been working with, studying, experiencing and training in what creates our lives from the inside out – EMOTIONS.

Do you realize your emotions from something in your childhood affect decisions you make TODAY?!

It’s true.

Our unconscious mind holds everything we see, hear, taste, touch and feel …forever …or until we release it to move forward. And that’s where I come in. My specialty is helping you release emotions that have kept you stuck your whole life without you knowing it.

Client Success Story: “I had experienced air-sickness as far back as I could remember. I tried pills, patches and magnets but nothing worked. I felt embarrassed and dreaded flying even for vacations. Kelly walked me through a visualization where I learned what triggered the air-sickness 31 years ago and released it. I flew a couple hours later and felt great the whole way. Now I can look forward to flying without concern or embarrassment.” ~ L.S. in San Diego, CA

Picture yourself being able to feel strong and confident even during conflict or turmoil occurring around you; unaffected by the drama of others; able to think clearly and confidently respond with love, compassion and self-respect.

See yourself feeling good about how you look and liking what you see in the mirror. Notice the things that used to bother you simply don’t anymore.

Visualize your relationships with others having healthy, supportive communication and openness.

How would your life be different if these things were true? They can be. And it’s up to you.

With my expert guidance, derived from many years of study, experience and training, you can begin to transform your life right now. I’ve done it and so have my clients.

Do you still feel frustrated, angry, sad or depressed? Or do you feel like new, amazing things are possible for you?

Client Success Story: “When I contacted Kelly, I was depressed. I hated my job. My marriage wasn’t doing well and I didn’t like spending time with my 2 small children. I felt hopeless and scared. With Kelly’s guidance, I learned how to turn everything around and that first week my life began to change. In addition to a perspective shift that inspired me to love my job I got promoted while everyone else was being downsized. My marriage improved immediately and time with my children is priceless. ~ Jan in Virginia

Everything you need is already inside you. You already have all the answers. I will guide you to where are. I will show you how to uncover strength you never knew you had. An inner power that allows you to live a life you enjoy and a future you look forward to is at your fingertips.

The only question is … When is now a good time to begin?

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