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Ready to step into your power and get more out of life?



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Become the woman you are meant to be…

Whether you currently love your life or not, it’s okay to want more.

It’s human nature and means you’re growing and want your life to make a difference.

As Women We Tend To Put The Needs Of Others Before Our Own

There’s rarely time for us and even when we deeply love those we’re caring for, we can start to feel angry, resentful and disconnected. Intuition tells us there’s more to life but wanting more can add a layer of guilt to the current negative emotions and cause us to feel even worse.

We’d love more passion for our work, a healthier body and deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

And whatever happened to those dreams we tucked away when other things took priority? Without knowing what’s possible for us and a clear, inspiring path to get it, frustration adds to the other negative emotions that keep us stuck and feeling defeated.

Talking About Problems Won’t Solve Them

Problems will return again and again with a different look or different face. Awakening and igniting your energy (your inner power) is the only way to solve problems for good. It is the most powerful thing you will do in your life. You need a proven system that inspires and empowers you along with new skills to create success for life – not just for today.


You gave me so much in 20 minutes than I got in 2 years of counseling. – Conley Ann, San Diego, CA

I’m Positive Women Rock® Coach Kelly Rudolph, and I’m passionate about showing women how to ignite their inner power and ROCK their life.

As a Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified NLP Practitioner with over 31 years’ experience working with energy and the subconscious mind – where all success or failure originates, I am dedicated to guiding you to create a life you enjoy and future you look forward to. And that includes work, family, relationships, health and prosperity.

There is a good chance you think you have to learn more and do more in each area of your life to change it and that it will take time you don’t have and effort you don’t have energy for. But the truth is I will take you step-by-step to make simple adjustments that will transform all areas of your life at the same time.

You Are Complete. You Have The Tools…

You were born with all the tools you need to create a life you enjoy but if you don’t know how to use them, your toolbox full of tools is useless. You end up stressed out, frustrated, and unfulfilled. When you learn how to use them, you get to design your life and feel confident, connected and capable with clarity and certainty about your bright future.

I’ve transformed my own life and I’m here to walk you step-by-step through transforming yours.

Click HERE to schedule a Free 20-Minute Strategy Session to see what’s possible for YOU.

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