Spring Into Confidence

3-Month Coaching Program

Kelly Rudolph Certified Life Coach

Hey, Positive Woman!

Is your heart calling you to BE, DO, or HAVE something specific by summer?

What ONE thing has been on your to-do list WAY too long?

A healthier body? A new clientele? A deeply connected relationship? A confident new outlook?

Are you ready for Laser Focus, Loving Support, and Successful Completion?

Spring Into Confidence, Positive Women Rock

Together, we'll focus on that ONE thing and empower the other areas of your life around it for a holistic blend of clarity, confidence, and success! 

I’ll walk you step-by-step through my customized proven system to:

Step Up 

Positively re-frame challenging situations and persuasively re-word difficult conversations to get your desired result and increase your impact, influence, and energy.

Step Forward

Let what you would normally “tackle” become a “tickle” as you use your new perspective-shifting tools and peacefully watch your Spring Into Confidence game plan manifest.

Step Into Your Power

Take charge with accountability and me by your side to support you, clarify and identify your blind spots so you can adjust then soar un-tethered into a summer you love!

Your Program Includes:


1. Kick-off "Game Plan" session where we customize our success structure for the next 3 months; so tangible you can hang it on the wall. (Our first session together.)

2. Flexible, 30 or 60-minute private, personalized “Spring Into Confidence” coaching sessions based on your goals and real-time projects, needs, or challenges. (total 2 hours per month)

3. Customized “Magnetize Your Dreams” guided visualization during each session to truly tap into the energetic vibration that creates your dreams.

4. “Fast-Track Your Success!” fun, empowering implementation assignments so you see tangible results and build your confidence with wins and learns.

5. “I’ve Got Your Back” email and text access between sessions for quick and vital inspiration, clarity, and support.

Your Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

Energetic Protection Techniques + Emotional Release Process to powerfully protect you from unnecessary stress, instantly manage emotions, de-clutter your mind, and protect your confidence. (Value: $250)

Bonus #2:

“Relax & Empower Guided Visualizations For Women” - My powerful guidance at your fingertips 24/7. Whether you need help to clarify, release what keeps you stuck, get inspired or relax between sessions. With six audio mp3’s that address each area of your day, I’m as close as your earbuds. (Value: priceless, when you use them to create the peace of mind and life you want)


Investment $1,497

Payment Plan: $456 non-refundable commitment deposit + 3 x $347 monthly payments (Total = $1,497)


Your Next Step:

If you are ready to invest in yourself NOW... 

Click HERE to apply for your Free Clarity Call and we'll see if this program is a good fit for you.

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