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Do You Ever Experience:

Sleepless nights, tired mornings, or dread the day ahead?

Procrastination and guilt, not knowing how to get caught up and/or back on track?

Low self esteem or a lack of self-confidence to ask for and get what you truly want?

When you feel stressed, off track, angry, fearful, lost, frustrated, and/or overwhelmed, it doesn't mean you’re bad, wrong, or broken.

You simply need to do this one powerful thing…

You need to adjust your energy and you need to do it FAST.

Otherwise, you automatically magnetize more of the same into your life.

Kelly Rudolph looking up
Relax & Empower Guided Visualizations For Women

A quick and powerful way to take charge of your energy is guided visualization.

 You simply listen and follow along.

Give yourself just a few minutes to Relax, Recharge and Restart. This powerfully and profoundly sets you up for success in health, family, relationships, and career.

Since 1984 I've been working with energy and the subconscious mind with excellent results. My experience has allowed me to use the correct words in the correct order to get YOU the best, most positive results. - Kelly Rudolph

Created With You In Mind...

A collection of six guided visualization audios take you through your busy day nurturing your mind and body along the way.

You will have this entire Relax & Empower collection to choose from each day...

Wake-Up, Powerful Day (15:34 min) – Begin your day feeling energized, confident, and focused.

Taking Inspired Action (9:29 min) – Procrastination can wait. Now’s the time to get inspired and get it done!

Bubble of Inspiration (18:09 min) – Feel more self-confident and enthusiastic about your life instantly!

Afternoon Energizer (15:52 min) – Boost your mental and physical energy when you need it most!

Release Negative Emotions from the Day (17:00 min) – Clear the junk to feel strong and empowered!

Peaceful Sleep (12:24 min) – Unwind and relax your mind and body for solid rejuvenating sleep.

Six Downloadable Audios

What Women Are Saying...

Client Teri Inner Power Breakthrough with Kelly Rudolph

"These are some of my favorite energy tools Kelly has given me! I wake up with Wake Up – Powerful Day, go to sleep with Peaceful Sleep, and have the other four on-tap for whatever comes my way.

Adjusting my energy has literally saved my life. Kelly has also recorded customized audios that have helped me get through emergency situations when we couldn’t talk.”

Master Sergeant Teri O., Orlando, Florida


I’m reminded of how powerfully strong and capable I am. These guided visualizations got me back on track knowing that I can move forward with a major decision that had me confused.

Kelly Bouchard, International Motivational Speaker & Success Coach


My favorite part of this one was the energy flowing up and down my arms. I felt more energy everywhere after this visualization. Perfect pick me up in the afternoon. Will definitely keep me ready for my evening clients.

Christine Baumgartner, Dating Coach


My energy was very good when I came to the office. Then I slumped and don't know why exactly other than perhaps all of my to-do's. So I listened to this guided visualization. Back on track and now back to work!

Pam St. Clair, President Accent Unlimited


I've always been a believer in the power of a good morning routine. And I'm always looking for ways to make it better. I was excited to add Kelly's Wake Up visualization to my routine. I'll admit a couple of times I got so relaxed I fell asleep. But I kept practicing. This visualization has added so much clarity and focus to my day.

Kirsten Nelson, Executive Project Manager

Relax & Empower Guided Visualizations For Women

All 6 Audios $37 USD

Need a sample? Click HERE for your "Free 8-Minute Dump The Stress, Get Empowered Audio for Women"

* New to visualization? You might be a natural or you may need to practice like other important skills you've learned. You can do it.

About Kelly

Certified Life Coach, Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, and founder of Positive Women Rock, Kelly Rudolph's passion is shining a light for women to step into clarity, courage, and confidence by taking charge of the Inner Power they already have inside.

With her 35+ years of extensive training, powerful experience, and consistently high results working with energy and the subconscious mind, she provides powerful guidance and an excellent example for you to get out of your rut and into your groove creating a life you love and a future you look forward to.

It may have taken you decades to get where you are now but with Kelly by your side, magnetizing your ideal life, love, career, and relationships that ignite your passion, purpose and peace of mind is quicker than you think! 

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