The Inner Power Secret

Learn How to Take Charge of Your Life, Success and Happiness and Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm

If you've ever struggled with:

  • Work stress that interferes with and derails your personal life
  • Relationship challenges that cause you to lose your focus and edge at work
  • Personality conflicts with an unreasonable boss, negative coworker, family member, bully, or toxic friend
  • Stress-related health issues like depression, weight-gain, illness and sleepless nights

These empowering topics will be very helpful:

  • Eliminate Problems Quickly: Can you imagine how your life would transform if most of your problems have a common cause that can be quickly resolved.
  • Discover Your Inner Strength: What would be possible if you realized you are a thousand times more powerful in your life than you realize?
  • Debunking Myths: Think of the stress relief in knowing the hidden truths behind extra weight, relationship conflicts, disrespected boundaries, and unmet expectations?

Join me for one or both 1-hour workshops

  • Mon, June 24 9am Pacific / noon Eastern
  • Tues June 25 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern
Ooh! I'm IN! 

Meet Your Host

Your Inner Power Coach, Kelly Rudolph unlocks women's tremendous hidden power. She discovered her gift in 1984 when a Native American Medicine Man unlocked her inner power and cleared 2.5 years of trauma from domestic violence in ONE HOUR - and it has never bothered her since! Her personal and client stories of healing the physical body, trauma, relationships and mental and emotional blocks truly inspire! She is a sought-after certified: life coach, hypnotist, NLP practitioner and inspirational speaker.

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