Dragonfly Process 200 | Kelly RudolphDragonfly Process®

It is absolutely possible to heal your past and move into a life you love with a bright future to look forward to and YOU deserve it!

Available to women worldwide via phone or Skype.

The Dragonfly Process® is a rapid, in-depth method of accessing your inner power to create your ideal future while healing emotions that have kept you stuck, preventing you from reaching your full potential in life, career, money, family, relationships and health…

What will I get to do?

You will get a peek at who you become in your ideal future as well as access your inner power to begin creating it.

You will travel back and identify what childhood programming has been making your decisions for you ever since and reprogram yourself for what you truly want.

Is it for me?

The Dragonfly Process® is only for women who want massive results quickly and are ready, willing and able to go on this journey and do what it takes, with my guidance and support.

  1. If you have often failed and want to reach your goals and achieve your dreams
  2. If you’ve always chosen the wrong men and want to attract and enjoy life with the right man
  3. If you have dissatisfying family relationships and want to learn the real reason and solution
  4. If you are unhealthy – mentally, emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually and want to be healthy and feel connected to your inner power and guidance system
  5. If you often feel depressed and disillusioned with life and want clarity of your life’s purpose and value
  6. If you want to do these things quickly and transform your life in the next few days, weeks, months and evolve toward your bright future

…the Dragonfly Process® might be a great fit for you.

Exploratory Interview

Click here to register for a 20 minute Exploratory Interview to discuss what you would like to be coached on and how I can assist you with your success in these areas.

How does this exclusive program work?

  • I accept just 2 Dragonfly Process® members per month and a waiting list is available.
  • You will have two intense, transformational sessions (phone or Skype) per month (1-2 months) plus extensive followup to assist and support you as you watch your life transform.
  • You get to keep track of your progress, energy and successes in the Dragonfly Process® Journal with quick, simple journaling that document your success!

Dragonfly Process® Rates

Dragonfly Process® Clients absolutely RAVE about how happy they are to be free of what’s held them back all their lives!